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Lucas González is an eclectic and stablished arranger and multi-instrumentalist. In the past 15 years he has taken on a variety of genres through his work, including World Fusion, Etno Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Film Soundtrack, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Pop, Modern and Classical in Spain, Germany, EEUU, Switzerland, Argentina, Ireland and the UK.

His latest studio work "Rojo" is a dynamic jazz/classical album that explores a variety of textures in his evocative, conceptual and narrative style.
Recorded in the UK, Spain, and Argentina.

Lucas Gonzalez Spanish/Electric/Classical Guitars, Percussion, Bass, Double Bass, Vocals, Hulusi Flute, Keys, Ukulele, Sergio Menem Cello, Facundo Campora Vocals, James Ghigi Trumpet/Flughelhorn, Aldevis Tibaldi Flute/Sax, Judith Font Vocals/ Piano, Chris Gale Drums, Silvina Alvarez Viola.